To Musica – A Love Sonnet

To Musica – A Love Sonnet

To Musica – A Love Sonnet.

Who designed your soundscape wheel? Earful bliss,

As color to sight, and smoothness to touch;

For in combinations fresh, angel-kiss

Of rhythm, pitch, scale, note.. Simple as such.

Maestro eternal, bring echoes from Home,

Conduct the stars again, symphony King;

So ripple it out on joy’s slipstream.. Come!

Lo! Mel’dy flows, harm’ny floats, soul takes wing.

Thus Hell’s darkest curse, in horr’fic fire-light:

Babel noise, clashing clamour, banging gong;

Infernal, tone deaf to love’s hot might.

Sad spirits there lost to Heaven’s sweet song.

Oh! Beauteous waves of passion unbound,

Composer’s promise, a rainbow of sound.

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