The Gardener and the Seed- A Poem

The Gardener and the Seed- A Poem

The Gardener and the Seed – A Poem.

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.” (John 15:1)

gardener leans into his pure ancient seed

the ground is now ready, the time has now come

father has spoken and son has agreed

the emptying motion has truly begun


he drops the dear kernel with trembling ease

the wind bears it downward, heavenly drafts

maiden accepts this new life on her knees

the dragon in darkness derisively laughs


hidden from view in a room without scars

the seed grows in secret while buried in grace

gardener observes from his post past the stars

as oily scaled haunches prepare for the chase


gardener protects the light-seed and the maid

and strengthens the watchman charged with the watch

but shrouded and veiled through a menacing shade

the beating of dragonwings furiously launch


homeless maid whimpers, the shoot breaks the ground

blue curtain parts with the bold choral glee

tender vine cries in the stall outside town

while shadows have fallen, resembling a tree


watchman takes orders from gardener in haste

all scurry southward before it’s too late

new vine and maid and their watchman are braced

this refugee garden will patiently wait


after a time then the watchman will nod

to the laser light messenger, dream thoughts unfurled

transplanted vineyard will grow in sweet sod,

as the true vine prepares to encircle the world