Sanctimony – A Poem

Sanctimony – A Poem

Sanctimony – A Poem.

Truths unkind, ill-timed,

Well-clothed lie,

Deceit cloaked in light.


Mercies false-hearted, sharp-darted,

Sugar-spotted blight,

Betrothed to hate.


Virtues honor-staked, muscle-ached,

Grimy travel down,

Dutied goodness to a fault.


Virgins puffed-up, fool enough,

Earns the whoring crown,

Wormed garden walled.


Angels self-lighted, well-sighted,

Vainly flutter at the Gate,

Secret name unknown inside.


Word pulpit-staged, collar-frayed,

Stale bread, rotting meat,

Souls starved mid-stride.


‘Lord, Lord’ presumed, marooned,

God’s Name in vain,

Sanctimony tongue-tied.


Praise heaven-cased, need-based,

Greed rejoicing,

Baited hook cast upward.