God Delights – in Jesus

God Delights – in Jesus

God Delights – in Jesus.

“The secret of the whole world of humanity is the love between the Father and the Son. This is at the root of it all. Upon the love between the Son and the Father hangs the whole universe.” (George MacDonald,  Knowing the Risen Lord).

Jesus would often probe the profound intimacy between Father and Son, relishing the mystery. The Spirit of love shared between them is eternal, and their spiritual union is boundless. The personal relationship between Father and Son has always been so intimate that somehow they are inside of each other. There is nothing in the universe that is as tightly knit together as the Father and Son. Their love for each other is the energy source for all the love in the world. Without their trinitarian love for each other, there would be no love. Human love would not exist were it not for their divine love for each other.

Father God is one proud Papa. The Father loves the Son and is delighted in Him, and He wasn’t afraid to show this for all the world to see:

Consider: When Jesus, referred to as Wisdom in Proverbs 8, experiences the pleasure of the Creator during the creation: “I was there close to the Creator’s side as His master craftsman. Daily He was filled with delight in Me as I playfully rejoiced before Him.” (Prov. 8:30);

Consider: During Christ’s high priestly prayer in John 17 in which Jesus acknowledges that the Father has loved Him since even before the foundation of the world, before the beginning of time (John 17:24);

Consider: That God is eternally pleased with Jesus because His Son will do whatever it takes to please the Father. They have a mutual admiration society (John 8:24);

Consider: The beauty and grace of the Father’s blessing given at Jesus’ baptism, “This is the Son I love, and my greatest delight is in Him.” (Matt. 3:12);

Consider: The tender words of Matthew as he quoted Isaiah 42:1, “Take a careful look at my Servant, my Chosen One. I love Him dearly, and I find all my delight in Him.” (Matt. 12:18);

Consider: The Father’s affirmation of Jesus at His Transfiguration, almost a duplicate of the Father’s blessing at Jesus’ baptism, “This is my Son, marked by my love, focus of my delight. Listen to Him.” (Matt. 17:5).

Consider: The insight St. Paul threw into his letter to the Colossians almost as an afterthought, as if what he casually mentioned at the end of his thought was assumed by all its readers, “The Father has delivered and drawn us to Himself out of the control and dominion of darkness, and has transferred us into the kingdom of His beloved Son, the Son He loves so much, the Son of His love.” (Col 1:13, Amplified).

Can there be any doubt that the Son has delighted the heart of the Father for eternity? No, there’s no doubt. The love and delight between the Father and the Son is the most solid fact of the universe. It’s true… The Father takes great pleasure in the Son. The Father finds the Son to be delightful.