Delight – Introduction

Delight – Introduction

Delight – Introduction.

“May the glory of the Lord continue forever! The Lord takes pleasure in all He has made!” (Ps. 104:31).

There are two Hebrew words for “delight” in the Jewish Bible (the O.T.):

  1. chaphets: to lean towards; to incline towards; to delight in; to take pleasure in; to be pleased with; to have favor for; for example, “The Lord be exalted, who delights in the well-being of His servant.” (Ps.35:27).
  2. anag: soft, tender; delight; high degree of pleasure; heart is soft towards that which is delightful; heart is tender towards that which is pleasing; for example, “Delight yourself in the Lord.” (Ps. 34:7).

Imagine the Father as He smiles in delight while enjoying His Son carrying on the Family tradition. Imagine the Creator taking pleasure as he playfully fashions creation, dreaming up everything from the ostrich to the octopus to the platypus. Imagine God as He delights in watching His beloved children grow, learn, and mature. Imagine Yahweh as He takes pleasure in sharing His character with the world He has made, multiplying His goodness.

What is the common element in all these imaginings? God’s delight. And these scenarios above aren’t fictional musings, or mere products of an overactive imagination. God’s delight is real, and Scripture and common sense prove it. It makes sense that God delights in Jesus, in His creation, in His followers, and in the spreading of His goodness. After all, the Father is the joyful originator of everything. Delight is a part of His nature, His character, so He delights in that which is truly delightful. God knows how to enjoy life with what gives Him pleasure.

God’s believers grow into taking pleasure in delightful things. They delight in the truth and helpfulness of Scripture, in God’s creation, in human love, and simply in the Lord himself… His character, His holiness, his very existence, His glorious presence, and in the blessings He so freely offers to His followers. God created human beings with the capacity to take joy in delightful things, to celebrate that which gives him/her pleasure. We were given hearts that are able to joyfully lean towards that which is delightful, to be tender towards that which is pleasing. We have the privilege of developing a soft spot for that which gives us pure delight.