Yes and Amen: Introduction

Yes and Amen: Introduction

Yes and Amen: Introduction. 

“In Christ is found the Yes! to all God’s promises, and therefore it is through Him that we answer Amen! to give praise to God. As His Yes! and our Amen! ascend to God, we bring Him glory.” (2 Corinthians 1:20).

YES: the answer in the affirmative.

AMEN: (Hebrew, related to the root word for truth); Yes! That’s right! We agree; This is absolutely truer; This is certain; This is trustworthy and assured; So be it; Let this be true; We heartily approve; We believe this with all our heart and soul.

If there is one word that could summarize Jesus Christ, what would it be? St. Paul seems to think that word would be Yes! Christ doesn’t just say Yes in agreement with God’s promises. He doesn’t merely preach Yes to confirm that God’s promises are true. Christ is literally Yes!, Yes-in-the-flesh. Christ embodies Yes in His Person. Christ is Yes!, fulfilling everything that God has promised down through the ages. Christ is Yes!, confirming God’s faithfulness in staying true to His divine assurances. Christ is Yes!, ending any doubts anyone might have about what God has promised in the past. Christ is Yes!, accomplishing every promise that make up God’s purpose and will. Christ is the ultimate Yes!, answering any questions there may be about God’s character. Christ is Yes!, personally embodying the truth of a true God. Christ is Yes!, testifying to the truth of God’s promises. Christ is Yes!, personally demonstrating the promises that God has given.

Scholars say that Yes! is God’s favorite word, the most repeated word in Scripture. Most of the time, Yes! is spoken through the Hebrew word Amen. Many say that when the Hebrews intended to say Yes, they said Amen. Jesus gave Himself that title in Revelation 3:14 because He is truth in the flesh, He is literally the Truth. Christ is Yes, That’s right! Christ is Yes, This is true! Christ is the certain evidence that God has and will continue to be faithful to His promises. The Father offers promises, the Son affirms and fulfills those promises, and we respond by saying, ‘That’s the truth!’ This all mingles together to bring glory to God.

If all the promises of God find their Yes! in Christ, what would some of those promises be? How can those promises find their Yes! in Jesus?

(1.)  God’s promise of the Holy Spirit;

(2.)  God’s promise that believers will participate in the divine nature;

(3.)  God’s promise to be a Father to His children;

(4.)  God’s promise of salvation;

(5.)  God’s promise of eternal life;

(6.) God’s promise of the Resurrection;

(7.)  God’s promise to be faithful to us.

(8.)  God’s promise of peace.