The Bird in the Mist (2)

The Bird in the Mist (2)

Honest questions from a faithful believer, when the Bird in the mist seems to disappear. Notice the questioner knows where to go with his questions, who to ask. He names Him, he assumes His presence, His open ear. These are good questions to ask when the Dove is sight unseen.

1. “How long, Yahweh, will you forget me? Forever? How long will you turn away your face from me? How long must I nurse rebellion in my soul, sorrow in my heart day and night? How long is the enemy to domineer over me? Look down, answer me, Yahweh my God! Give light to my eyes or I shall fall into the sleep of death.” (Psalm 13:1-3)

2. “Why, Yahweh, do you keep so distant, so hidden in times of trouble… Rise, Yahweh! God, raise your hand, do not forget the afflicted.” (Psalm 10:1,12)

3. “Heal me, Yahweh, my bones are shaken, my spirit is shaken to its very depths. But you, Yahweh… how long? Yahweh, relent and save my life, rescue me because of your faithful love, for in death there is no remembrance of you; who could sing your praises in Sheol?” (Psalm 6:3-5)

4. “How much longer, Lord, will you look on? Rescue me from their onslaughts, from young lions rescue the one life that I have… You saw it, Yahweh, do not stay silent; Lord, do not stand aloof from me. Up, awake to my defense, my God and my Lord, to my cause.”  (Psalm 35:17, 22, 23)

5. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? The words of my groaning do nothing to save me. My God, I call by day but you do not answer, at night, but I find no respite.” (Psalm 22:1-2)

6. “Wake, Lord! Why are you asleep? Awake! Do not abandon us for good. Why do you turn your face away, forgetting that we are poor and harassed? For we are bowed down to the dust, and lie prone on the ground. Arise! Come to our help! Ransom us, as your faithful love demands.” (Psalm 44:23-26)

7. “I shall wear myself out for your salvation, for your word is my hope. My eyes, too, are worn out waiting for your promise; when will you have pity on me? For I am like a smoked wineskin, but I do not forget your will. How long has your servant to live?”  (Psalm 119:82-84)

8. “God, why have you finally rejected us, your anger blazing against the flock you used to pasture? Remember the people you took to yourself long ago, your own tribe which you redeemed… Arise, God, champion your own cause.” (Psalm 74:1-2, 22)

9. “I will go forward in the path of the blameless; when will you come to me?” (Psalm 101:2)

10. “Through the night I ponder in my heart, as I reflect, my spirit asks this question: Is the Lord’s rejection final? Will he never show favor again? Is his faithful love gone forever? Has His Word come to an end for all time? Does God forget to show mercy? In anger does he shut off his tenderness?” (Psalm 77:6-9)

11. ” But, for my part, I cry to you, Yahweh, every morning my prayer comes before you; why, Yahweh, do you rebuff me, turn your face away from me?” (Psalm 88:13-14)

12. “Bring us back, God our Savior, appease your indignation against us! Will you be angry with us forever? Will you prolong your wrath age after age? Will you not give us life again, for your people to rejoice in you?” (Psalm 85:4-6)

(All Scripture references are from the New Jerusalem Bible, compiled by Steve Larson)