Songs of Refuge (Intro)

Songs of Refuge (Intro)

Songs of Refuge in the Psalms – Introduction

“Blessed are all who take refuge in the Lord.” (Psalm 2:12)

There are four things needed to survive in the world: food, water, clothing and shelter. Without them, we wouldn’t make it. And as it happens these four items are great metaphors for survival in the spiritual world as well.

For food,  we need to eat Scripture, digesting the Word in our inmost parts, the bread of life for the mind and soul. Without the Bible to chew on, we wouldn’t have the solid nutrients necessary to grow and flourish.

For water, we need to drink in Christ, slurping from the living fountain, the ongoing source of living water that enables all the spiritual parts to operate in a healthy manner. Daily ingesting Jesus will affect every part of one’s spiritual life, and without slaking our thirst with Him, we will wither and die.

For clothing, we need to put on a robe of righteousness, the garment of goodness, that reflects the very character of God. Without this robe, we are shamefully naked in our sin, and exposed to the obscenity of evil without the proper covering of Christ.

Finally, we need shelter, we need protection from the elements, from the extremes of weather, and enemies and pests. Without a refuge, we are vulnerable to everything that the world has to throw at us. Without shelter, our souls are unprotected from the enemies of the spirit.

If there is one dominant theme in the Psalms, it’s that God has promised to be a shelter for His followers. And it pays to be reminded of that fact as we walk through our journey with God, when we seem to be surrounded with difficulty and with those who wish us ill. The following meditations serve to encourage us and remind us that the Lord will be a constant spiritual refuge to keep us safe. I have read through the Psalms, from Psalm 1 through Psalm 150, and I have excerpted every verse that highlights shelter, refuge, tower, stronghold, shield, fortress, rock, sure defense, haven and hiding place.

As with all Scripture meditations, chew on these inspired words, digest them, believe them as the truth, and live in light of them. These words are life-giving, and they are our survival. These portions give us confidence that we are not exposed to the elements that would destroy us, that God is our sure protection and safety, our refuge. Dwell in the shelter, in God, and be blessed.

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  1. This is wonderful, Steve. And so timely. (Well, it’s always timely, isn’t it?) Thank you.

  2. Good food for my soul this morning!!!! In so many ways!
    Appreciate how you put words together Steve!