Object Lessons of Jesus – Introduction

Object Lessons of Jesus – Introduction

Object Lessons of Jesus – Introduction. 

As a Master Teacher, Jesus was an entrepreneur of learning.  Any object could inspire Him to make an object lesson. Any person could become a visual aid. Any teachable moment was insightfully seized by Jesus if the disciples were around. He would use the tangible to teach an intangible idea. He would use a physical object to teach a moral principle or abstract truth. Even His stories and parables could be seen as verbal object lessons of the Kingdom. His miracles were demonstrative object lessons of His power and mercy. The world was His classroom without walls. He consistently inspired His listeners to become learners. His three-year ministry was one long teachable moment, so intent was He on discipling the people in His midst.

The ultimate Teacher, He captured the imagination while also appealing to logic. He inspired the will to action while piquing the conscience. He told stories. He offered case studies, object lessons, and even sent out His students on extended field trips. Sometimes Jesus blended together many teaching methods into one demonstration that would include a visual aid and an object, whether human or inanimate, to make a lesson. He taught while washing feet and cooking breakfast. He practiced ritual and reenactments. He did Q and A, socratic discussions, and guided conversations. He sat ’em down and then got ’em moving. He used nature and all the senses. He served as an example of a model learner, which is what all good teachers do. He explored Scripture. He thought out loud. In terms of teaching and methodology, Jesus wrote the book without ever actually writing anything. Following the lead of His Father’s instructions to Moses in Deuteronomy 6, rabbi Jesus’ teaching was communal, experiential and multi-sensory. He was creative and humorous. Yes, Jesus was a genius, and He used quite a variety of methods as He tended to the content of His teaching. Of course, He was also the Son of God, filled with the Holy Spirit, so it is exciting to see Jesus in the teaching role. Every teacher would do well to follow His example.

He Captured the Imagination – Stories and Parables; Humor; Metaphor; Illustrations; Visual Aids; Wondering Out Loud.

He Nurtured the Conscience – Discipline and Accountability; Personal Example; Demonstration; Elbow Room for Students/Disciples; Moral Reasoning Out Loud.

He Sharpened the Intellect – Good Questions; Variety of Discourse; Object Lessons; Guided Conversations; Test the Memory; Repetition; Thinking Out Loud.

Jesus, the entrepreneur of learning, the Master Teacher, using every method He can think of to reach His disciples.