Gospel Song – Up Above My Head

Gospel Song – Up Above My Head

Gospel Song – Up Above My Head.

This traditional call-and-response gospel song was first recorded in 1941, author unknown. Sister Rosetta Tharpe popularized it in 1947, and the song has now continued to be covered by all manner of performers all over the globe. In 1961 it was altered into a civil rights song by Bernice Reagon with the words “Over my head, I see Freedom in the air.” Even Elvis Presley joined the variety of performers of this song by recording it in 1968 in his early Southern Gospel tradition. The selections included here are a straight gospel version by the Blind Boys of Alabama, a blues rendition by Ruthie Foster, a full choir presentation in South Africa, and a spirited roots cover by the celebrated singer Rhiannon Giddens.

LYRICS – Up Above My Head

Up above my head (substitute Everywhere I go; All over the world; Up in my room; In my heart),

I hear music (substitute singin’; prayin’; trouble; moanin’; shoutin’) in the air. (repeat 2x).

I really do believe, there’s a heaven (substitute joy; God) somewhere (substitute up there).


Music is the common language of heaven. It’s around every corner up there, it’s how people express themselves. Music fills the air in heaven, because glory land is filled with the personal presence of God. And music is in the soul of God, a part of His essence. The original love song continues to be sung by the members of the Holy Trinity to each other. It’s no wonder, then, that heavenly music can drift into earthly air space. When we hear or sing exquisite harmonies and inspiring melodies, we know there must be a heaven somewhere. It’s almost as if the door to heaven is opened wide so we can hear the music going on inside. Music is the best thing we have to confirm heaven’s existence. Some might even say that music is one of the best arguments for the existence of God Himself. We are all awaiting glory, and music bring us closer than just about anything else on earth. Up above our heads, we hear music in the air.