Gospel Song – The Wicked Shall Cease Their Troubling

Gospel Song – The Wicked Shall Cease Their Troubling

Gospel Song – The Wicked Shall Cease Their Troubling.

Jessy Dixon (1938-2011), the composer of this gospel classic, was a highly acclaimed singer, songwriter, pianist and worship leader during the latter decades of the 20th century. He was nominated for seven Grammy awards, he toured with Paul Simon internationally, and he wrote songs for stars such as Diana Ross. Dixon was discovered by James Cleveland in Chicago, his home town. After Dixon’s performance at the Newport Jazz Festival at New York’s Radio City Music Hall in 1972, his popularity skyrocketed. As a prolific songwriter in the gospel genre, Dixon was somehow able to write contemporary gospel songs that sounded traditional, like this one, songs that he wrote yesterday but could have been written during the early years of gospel. Jessy Dixon was noted for reaching across racial lines, and he achieved huge success with white and black audiences throughout his career.



LYRICS – The Wicked Shall Cease Their Troubling

The wicked shall cease their troubling, the weary shall be at rest.

All the saints of the ages, we gonna sit at His feet and be blessed.


I am just a stranger down here, this whole world is not my home.

You gonna gaze up looking for me one morning,

But I thank God I’ll be gone to my home.


If you should come to my home, and when you get there they told you I am gone.

Come on over the river, you will find me somewhere around the throne.


I don’t mind being talked about, I don’t mind bein’ ‘buked and scorned.

‘Cause every time somebody lies about me,

There’s another brick in my brand new home (there’s another star in my crown).



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  1. I’ve always loved Jessy. What a God loving man. I looked forward to his singing. Wow, if we all could be where he is today. When I meet him in heaven, he will sing and everyone will shout and I’ll dance like him.