Gospel Song – Oh Happy Day

Gospel Song – Oh Happy Day

Gospel Song – Oh Happy Day!

This gospel classic was a number hit in 1969, performed by gospel pianist Edwin Hawkins and his church choir in Berkeley, California. Mr. Hawkins actually composed this gospel arrangement of an 18th century hymn by Rev. Philip Dodderidge. The song became an instant hit after Hawkins recorded it in his church, and was wildly popular in Europe as well as the US. “Oh Happy Day” won Edwin Hawkins a Grammy award, was listed as one of the “Songs of the Century,” and has been covered by hundreds of musicians. The song has become a gospel standard, and it joyfully celebrates the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.


LYRICS  – Oh Happy Day!

Oh happy day, oh happy day,

when Jesus washed, oh when He washed, when Jesus washed my sins away.

Oh happy day!

He taught me how to watch, fight and pray,

and live rejoicing every, every day.