Gospel Song – Lord, You’re the Landlord

Gospel Song – Lord, You’re the Landlord

Gospel Song – Lord, You’re the Landlord.

This gospel song has been sung in countless African American churches for generations. And yet, no one knows who wrote the song, who first recorded it, and when it was composed. It is listed as “traditional.” The lyrics are fascinating and still reach a wide audience. Enjoy.


LYRICS – Lord, You’re the Landlord

Refrain: Lord, you’re the landlord, and there’s a leak in your building (3x). Fix it, fix it, like you said you would.

I been brought with the price and I’m not, not my own.

Since you came into my life, all my troubles are now yours.

So I’ll keep walking by faith, and I know you make a way.

You’re my landlord, Jesus, and I trust you every day.


Somebody sick and they can’t get well, there’s a leak in your building (3x). Fix it, fix it, like you said you would.


I can’t fix it (4x)

You’re my landlord (4x)


We believe, Jesus, that you are the landlord of your Church, the body of believers that you are building. There are leaks in your building that need your attention, Lord. There are leaks in the roof from some who are misguided and want to stray from your Word. There are leaks in the walls from those who merely want to follow the money. There are punctures throughout the building, Lord… people who are sick and want to get well; marriages that are broken that need your repair; families who struggle with wandering children; relationships that are harmed by unforgiveness; lonely people who need to be loved; And then there are other leaks that are common to the world, leaks that the Church is experiencing as well: natural disasters; the covid plague; racial unrest. We thank you, Lord, that you remain the stable foundation of your Church. We thank you that you love your Church, that you gave yourself up for her to make her holy. We praise you that you will one fine day present her as a radiant Church, without stain, without leaks, without any other blemish, but holy and blameless. (Ephesians 5:25-27). Guard and defend and heal your church till that day, God. We ask you to fix the leaks in your building. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Lord, you are also the landlord of my personal building, my self. I am yours, I belong to you, you are my owner. I am not my own. You have built me, created me, and then you purchased me. You are my landlord. And Lord, I have leaks in this building of yours. I can be secretly self-righteous. My ego can strike at any moment. I have certain people that are hard for me to forgive. I am sometimes fearful and I struggle to trust you for the future. There are times when I question your ability to care for your people. These are all leaks in this building, Lord, and I ask you to fix them. My body is a temple, and you are the landlord. I so want this temple, this house, this building to be on solid rock, using you as the foundation, so that I can withstand the storms of life and be pure. Fix the leaks, Lord, like I know you can. Amen.