God Remembers – Introduction

God Remembers – Introduction

God Remembers – Introduction.

God has no memory

so God doesn’t need to remember.

God does not remember anything

but neither does He forget anything.

Whatever God brings to mind is already there.

Whatever is not on His mind has never existed.

God’s mind contains more data than the universe can hold

all the time.

God doesn’t need a reservoir of memories from which to retrieve what is in the past.

There is no past with God.

God doesn’t need a savings bank to save his memories from which to draw them out later.

God is already thinking of something that he remembers.

When he decides to focus like a laser

like a beam coming from the light of the world.

When God remembers,

He is preparing for action.

When God remembers,

He is deciding to focus on something

while keeping everything else in mind.

When God remembers,

He is participating in his thought.

When God remembers,

He is applying an eternal truth to the present reality.

When God remembers,

the divine attention will surely bring about divine intervention.

When God remembers,

He is choosing to be faithful to a promise.

God doesn’t need to memorize for a test.

God doesn’t need to recall something that is already there.

God doesn’t need to collect his thoughts

since they are already collected at the top of His mind.

Remember, God has no memory.

His mind is outside of time,

a timeless mind that contains everything there is to know

all the time.