A Whimsical Dictionary: D is for Daniel

A Whimsical Dictionary: D is for Daniel

A Whimsical Dictionary of Surprising Influences.

D is for Daniel –

Quite an unlikely president of the Babylonian government. That’s not all he was, of course. He is certified member of the Judeo-Christian Hall of Fame. There he was, forcibly removed from his home in Israel as a mere lad and brought to Babylon as a prisoner of war in exile. This young Jewish vegetarian soon rose to Head Wise Man (along with his three Jewish chums), successfully worked with the pagan king, and somehow continued to follow the Lord faithfully. Quite a journey so far, starting out as prisoner and ending up Chief Governor. Daniel was a true jack of all trades, doing whatever was asked, whether by his king or by his Lord. He interpreted dreams and visions he hadn’t even heard; he predicted correctly that Nebuchadnezzar would be literally taken out to pasture, acting like a wild ox and embarrassing everyone who knew him; he hastened his next king’s demise by translating an impromptu wall mural at a sacrilegious party; he had face time with angels on a regular basis; he had a heart as big as the world as he interceded for himself and all his people past, present and future; he was a legendary apocalyptic visionary who saw Jesus and the Father in one of his dreams (Dan. 7). Later in life he bravely defied the king’s decree by praying openly if not brazenly. As a result he walked as cool as a cucumber and healthy as a hen in a pit of starving lions. What a guy!

He was asked by his employers his whole life to compromise his convictions and his faith, but he remained steadfast in a unique kind of holy stubbornness. Loyalty, thy name is Daniel. He was a true prayer warrior, and I bet if he had a theme song it would be “Prayer Changes Things.” Daniel was somehow able to combine the mystical with the practical, able to be both spiritual and political in a pagan culture. After a lifetime of standing up to the powers-that-be, it’s a miracle he lived to the ripe old age of 90 years old or so. Let’s all dare to be a Daniel, a voice of divine reason and holy wisdom that somehow maintained credibility and influence in an alien society.