References for Verses in Proverbs

References for Verses in Proverbs

While studying the same verse in many translations and versions, we are afforded many different glimpses of the same general ideas. It helps us to use the Scriptures to teach themselves, and it helps us learn to see the different Hebrew words from many angles. There is no one perfect translation, so we need to educate ourselves by seeing what the different scholars and translators have to say about the verses.

References: The following translations and versions of the Holy Bible were used in these meditations on Proverbs…

NKJ = New King James

TPT = The Passion Translation

NASB = New American Standard Bible

Tanakh = Jewish Publication Society translation of the Hebrew Bible

Message = Translation/Paraphrase by Eugene Peterson

NLT = New Living Translation

NJB = New Jerusalem Bible

AMP = Amplified Bible