Lord Don’t Move My Mountain

Lord Don’t Move My Mountain

Lord Don’t Move My Mountain.

Mountains can symbolize God and His stability and permanence, for sure. But mountains can also represent the difficult things in life we have to face. We often say we have to climb a mountain when we face adversity and need to overcome it. Our God is the God of those mountains as well. This gospel song’s wonderful lyrics focus on the need for us to bravely face those life mountains, and instead of asking for their removal, asking God to give us the strength to climb that mountain, to conquer that adversity.

There are two versions of this gospel song. This first version was written by Doris Akins, and has been covered by many gospel heroes through the years… Inez Andrews, Mahalia Jackson, James Cleveland, and the Blind Boys of Alabama. Here are Doris’ lyrics:

“Lord don’t move my mountain; Give me the strength to climb it.

Lord don’t move my stumbling block, but lead me all around it.

The way may not be easy; You didn’t say that it would be.

For when my tribulations get too light, we tend to stray from thee.”

Alternative lyrics were written anonymously, as far as I can tell. But they profoundly expand on the main idea. These are words to live by:

Lord don’t move that mountain, just give me the strength to climb it.

For if you should move each mountain, I might grow weaker every time.

And just as your Son Jesus took the Cross up Calvary’s hill,

Lord don’t move my mountain, so I may better do thy will.


Down on my knees in prayer, and Lord you promised me you would always meet me there.

Now there’s a mountain up ahead I can’t seem to climb,

For if so I’m asking for the strength to try it one more time.


Now if there were no mountains, Lord, I might forget to pray.

And if there were no valleys, Lord, I might even stay.

I know the higher the mountain, the sweeter the victory;

Lord ever remind me, that you will walk ahead of me.”