Homespun Truths: Why Jewish Traditions in a Christian Home?

Homespun Truths: Why Jewish Traditions in a Christian Home?

We have a Christian home, but we celebrate many Jewish traditions. Why is that? Much of our motivation to add Old Testament rituals, fulfilled in Christ, to our family life is due to our fascination with the Jewish roots to our Christian faith. We like to spend time:

  • immersing ourselves in the same Bible that Jesus used, memorized and lived by;
  • studying the Jewish Bible (OT) as the long, exciting, helpful prelude to the Main Event;
  • learning from those believers who paved the way for the Messiah, savoring the stories of triumph and tragedy, and the fascinating events, that were the building blocks for Christ’s appearing in the flesh;
  • learning from the bloodline and heritage of our Savior;
  • utilizing the full-bodied, multi-sensory, experiential way children were taught in the Jewish homes;
  • exploring biblical ways to live out Scripture and learn from experience, which is how children, and all the rest of us, learn best;
  • using our family celebrations as vehicles for hospitality, as events in our home for friends and neighbors;
  • respecting our Lord by relishing the religious faith that He embraced and completed;
  • pondering and learning the deep spiritual truths revealed by the Jewish feasts and holy days, seeing as how these very truths lead inevitably to Jesus Christ the Messiah.

It’s amazing, and instructive,¬†how family-centric the Jewish Bible is. It appears that a main component of faith development is the celebration of historical feasts and liturgies in the home. That was God’s strategy for how to hand down the Jewish faith, from one generation to the next. Homespun activities, centered on the Torah, were how Jewish children became true believers. And this was how Jesus himself grew in his faith, through the religious orthodoxy of Joseph and Mary. That is something to seriously consider, isn’t it? Maybe OT rituals are ways to nurture the Christian faith as well.

So, we celebrated many Jewish traditions and activities, as well as a number of Christian liturgies, all of which you can observe in the following pages. We have found it doesn’t pay to be overly legalistic, rigid, or tedious with these traditions. There is plenty of room to enjoy spontaneity, and each family can add their own particular flavor within the basic structure of the activity.

Feel free to explore and enjoy these compelling biblical ways to teach and nurture¬†the Christian faith to children at home, which has often been called the “domestic church.” Imagine the conversations that are sparked, and the seeds that are sown, when the family celebrates these liturgies together. Your children, and of course the adults involved, will have their spiritual lives enriched, their imaginations inspired, and their faith strengthened while you discover and explore the roots of our Christian faith.

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  1. I have always loved the perspective you take on the Jewish traditions. They are not something just for “practicing Jews” but for Christians to better understand and connect to Christ. Thank you for sharing and passing them on to your children!

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